Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There are those who say that there has been no decent music produced since the 60's. There are those who insist that the music 'died' in the 50's, 40's or even earlier. To all these I say, "Pish-tosh!" There has been wonderful music in all ages and there continues to be wonderful music!

Granted, my tastes in music are not very 'high-brow', as will become evident. But I find great enjoyment in some of the music of today, just as I have done in every decade since I can remember music, which for me goes back before I was born, since my parents were still listening to the music of the 40's well into the 50's. I 'remember' the Big Band songs as well as the songs from World War II. The only lullaby I remember was the Marine Corps Hymn which my father sang as he bounced all of us at one time or another on his knees.

I won't bore you with a count-down of my favorites from each decade. Suffice it to say that I have a playlist for each decade since the 50's on my iPod and have already started the decade of the 10's. Admittedly, the first entry there is Michael Buble's (pronounced boob-lay) 'Crazy Love', which is a collection of hits from other decades, but he brings a new voice and face (which is pretty dang cute!) to the whole thing. The other two entries so far are 'Fireflies' and 'Vanilla Twilight' both by Owl City. Very cheery and up-beat!

My very favorite music for right now is almost any song on the 'New Moon' sound track, but that is from the 00,s decade. Even though it's 'old' it is still great stuff...especially "Meet Me on the Equinox' by Death Cab for Cutie and 'White Demon Love Song' by The Killers. Try might like them!


  1. Me too! I love music of pretty much every genre but rap!

  2. I even like Solar Midnight from the New Moon sound track!