Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts on creation

I was all ready to post these thoughts complete with pictures, but for some reason the sight wasn't working. So now you just get the thoughts and not the pictures. They weren't that great, anyway. Recently I have been thinking a lot about how blessed we are to have this beautiful, wonderful world to live on. There is so much beauty here; so much endless variety; so many things to delight us and provide moments of wonder and awe! I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who gave us this wonderful place to live! Not to mention the infinite variety of plants, animals, fish, birds and other things that he placed on the earth for us to enjoy! I hope all of you will take a moment when you read this to reflect on which of God's creations you enjoy the most and give Him a word of thanks!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thought about being "non-photo-genic"

April commented that she thinks she gets her "picture qualities" from her mom so I thought I would share my mom's idea of having her picture taken with you. I am beginning to think that she had the right idea!
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


There are those who say that there has been no decent music produced since the 60's. There are those who insist that the music 'died' in the 50's, 40's or even earlier. To all these I say, "Pish-tosh!" There has been wonderful music in all ages and there continues to be wonderful music!

Granted, my tastes in music are not very 'high-brow', as will become evident. But I find great enjoyment in some of the music of today, just as I have done in every decade since I can remember music, which for me goes back before I was born, since my parents were still listening to the music of the 40's well into the 50's. I 'remember' the Big Band songs as well as the songs from World War II. The only lullaby I remember was the Marine Corps Hymn which my father sang as he bounced all of us at one time or another on his knees.

I won't bore you with a count-down of my favorites from each decade. Suffice it to say that I have a playlist for each decade since the 50's on my iPod and have already started the decade of the 10's. Admittedly, the first entry there is Michael Buble's (pronounced boob-lay) 'Crazy Love', which is a collection of hits from other decades, but he brings a new voice and face (which is pretty dang cute!) to the whole thing. The other two entries so far are 'Fireflies' and 'Vanilla Twilight' both by Owl City. Very cheery and up-beat!

My very favorite music for right now is almost any song on the 'New Moon' sound track, but that is from the 00,s decade. Even though it's 'old' it is still great stuff...especially "Meet Me on the Equinox' by Death Cab for Cutie and 'White Demon Love Song' by The Killers. Try might like them!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sme thoughts about children

I am feeling quite mellow this morning and am reflecting on children of all types, sizes and ages. I am thinking about how we were all children of God long before we were anything else (daughters of earthly parents, wives, mothers, friends, etc., etc., etc.) That means our very first relationship was with our Heavenly Father. So, who knows us and loves us the best? Who knows and loves our children and our husbands and our friends (and enemies...not that we have any!) best? Who is most qualified to help us solve those tough relationship problems we all have? Think about it! In the eternities my children and I are peers. We are the same. I just got to come to earth first. I don't know about you, but to me that is a very humbling thought. My husband is a son of God! And sometimes I don't treat him very well. Seems like it's time for some changes!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Word About Christmas

Once again I have blogged in perfect reverse order, in spite of my best intentions! So, if you care about reading things in order go to the end before the beginning! In any case, we had a lovely holiday from beginning to end and are now spending a very quiet New Year's Night, Sid in front of the TVand I alternating between the computer and the TV. Such high excitement!
Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Eve at the Stockings

Pre-dinner fun!

Where is that turkey leg going with that little boy?

Dane enjoyed delivering goodies to his friends. Bethany (I'm sure) enjoyed making them!

This is me...just trying to hold my head up, or keep it on, or something. I take such lovely pictures!
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Christmas Eve at the Stockings (#2)

The magic of Christmas Eve!

Dane entertained us all with a little Christmas music. And, was that the Wedding March I heard?

Slater just enjoyed relaxing...for about 30 seconds!

The Boy in The Box!
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The Fourth Day of Christmas

There's nothing like Christmas pajamas!

This is what happens when you have grandchildren that know your tastes and love you!

Ah! The joy of Christmas morning!

And the relief of having Grandma & Grandpa to take over for a little while!
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The Third Day of Christmas

The next day we celebrated with Josh, Sunday, December 20th. He has been well trained and knows to pose for the obligatory photo after every present.

I guess it is always cold in our house because he never takes his hat of jacket off. Maybe that is for a quicker get-away!

Oh, boy! A new iPod! Now all I need is an external hard-drive to put all my music on!
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The Second Day of Christmas

December 19th was our second Christmas Celebration. Synda, Troy and the girls came down and we had an early Christmas with them. You can tell the men were soooo enjoying themselves!

Those are the smiles I love to see! I wonder how we managed it? Maybe it was because of what they found under the tree!

We even got a smile or two from Synda!

We were happy to have the company of my brother, Val, who lives in West Jordan. It is always good to see him!
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The First Day of Christmas

Our Christmas celebration began early this year. On December 5th we took the girls to see the BYU Folk Dancers' presentation of Christmas Around the World. Of course, we had to kick off the evening by having dinner at Heaps Brick Oven Pizza...yummmm! We were very fortunate to get smiles from both girls while they were actually facing the camera!

Well, they were both sort of smiling. You know how teen-age girls are about having their pictures taken! No photos were allowed during the concert and by the time it was over all of our smilers were broken. But a good time was had by all...I think!
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